Windows上で動作しないMiracastを修正する方法 7 PC /ノートPC

Windows上で動作しないMiracastを修正 7 – 多くの窓 7 ユーザーが同じ問題を抱えています, when they try to use miracast on Windows 7. This is because the drivers for Miracast (and the Microsoft device) just built for Windows 8, ウィンドウズ 8.1 およびWindows 10. そう, what we can do if still wanna use Miracast on Windows 7? Is that still possible?

We said yes, it’s still possible! 良く, in this article we will sharing the experience from other Windows 7 user. So you can use the Miracast on Windows 7 ノートパソコン. Then streaming your favorite TV Shows or Movie from Amazon or HULU videos. お願いします, check this Question and Answer about this problem on below.

Windows上で動作しないMiracastを修正 7
Windows上でMiracast 7 ノートパソコン


I would like to use Miracast using my laptop running on Windows 7 in oder to use my browser steaming to the TV for amazon or hulu videos.

Is that possible? I can use Miracast with my smartphone, but not with my laptop.


Hi All,

I found this post and was a bit disappointed about theno support on windows 7 for miracastbut the real notice is that if you have a supported wifi adapter, a supported graphic card and a supported cpu (and this 3 requirements are the same for win 8 or win 10!) you can transmit to a miracast receiver without problem also from Windows 7 !

I would let you know that i did this successfully from a Windows 7 ultrabook (asus zenbook ux32vd) to a miracast projector (zte spro2) !

The key in this case was the correct version of the driver (latest for the graphics card, latest for wifi card) and a correct procedure (a nightmare!) for the widi software from intel.

This is how i’ve reached the success.

Windows上で動作しないMiracastを修正 7 ノートパソコン

========= this was a try but failed ============

  1. With the WiDi driver version preinstalled doesn’t work.
  2. Upgraded with the intel widi update tool, doesn’t work.
  3. Removed and installed the latest (widi doesn’t work (to be exact complain that the hardware it’s not supported by widistrange but false !).

========= from now it’s the correct procedure ============

  1. Uninstalled the widi from the ultrabook and restarted
  2. Installed the latest 3.0.13 version (installing the 6.* intel say that the version 3.0.13 was the latest supported by the hardwarefalse!) doesn’t work !
  3. Upgraded with theintel widi update toolto version
  4. Restarted your Laptop
  5. Tadah! it work like a charm !!
  6. Fast and real stable connection to the projector !

注意: The strange is that from the preinstalled version, when i’ve done the upgrade with theintel widi update tool”, the version goes to the same but don’t worksthis is why i’ve posted all the step. I think that in some case installing directly the after uninstalling the previous version may be that workmay be also that some step have cleaned the registryi don’t touch anything from now beacause i’m very happy that i’ve miracast working on windows 7 ! 🙂

You can download this version of intel WiDi driver for Miracast that compatible with Windows 7 from here : ドライバーインテルて、Widiソフトウェアをダウンロードしてください Windows用 7/8

Hope that this help some one. Bye!